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We envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their life through learning.

Coursera partners with more than 8 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organizations worldwide. We offer a range of learning opportunities—from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs.

EDUCENTS is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers while also making a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to become the leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services in our industry. Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability, and Community. We are also committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain or in any part of our business. We expect our suppliers to comply with all relevant laws and regulations and to implement and maintain effective systems and controls to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not take place.

Our mission statement states that our goal is to give players the information, expertise, and knowledge they need to feel confident about entertainment and gaming sites. We produce our own reviews, and we gather votes and comments from our readers. We update our information frequently.

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

About Us: Mission Statement

We are EDUCENTS. We conduct research with sellers, service providers, and vendors to find out the total costs and marginal costs of goods and services for business owners and homeowners.

EDUCENTS‘ mission statement is to bring well-informed customers and sellers together at the precise moment when both parties are prepared to accomplish business. Because of this formula, we have a bit more than one hundred different product and service categories.

These suppliers and vendors of goods and services for homeowners and business owners are standing by to assist the dozens of prospective buyers and consumers who utilize our service each day in the hopes of reducing the amount of time and money they spend on their significant business procurement or selection of home improvement services.

You will be matched with up to six suppliers in your zip-code area who can provide quotations for your specific business or home improvement requirements. Costs of products and services for businesses and homeowners.

EDUCENTS has done the research, the email communications, and the phone calls for you when it comes to essential purchasing decisions for your business. Our thorough buyer’s guides and a plethora of informative articles educate you before you make choices that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

You can use our free quote request tool to answer a few simple questions about the purchase you are thinking about. Then, you can sit back and wait for reputable vendors to get in touch with price quotes that you can compare. You save time since you only have to discuss your requirements once, and you save money by comparing and picking the best price.

Educents Is Also For Homeowners

EDUCENTS provides homeowners with the tools and resources they need to complete their home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. With EDUCENTS, homeowners can see average project costs, find local pre-vetted professionals on-site and book appointments online instantly if they choose to do so.

Complete a Form With Some Information

  • Select a project category that best suits your repair or renovation needs
  • We’ll ask you a few key questions to ensure we can match you with the right professional for your needs.

Be compared with pre-selected do-it-yourself professionals

  • You will receive information from several pre-vetted, local home improvement professionals
  • Their matching professionals provide the specific service you need and are available to you immediately.

Get in touch with the professionals to discuss your requirements

  • Once your request has been processed, your form with the information is sent to the appropriate professionals, up to six
  • Shortly after receiving your service request, you will be contacted to discuss your project
  • If you prefer, you can contact them at will, or reject them all.
  • These specialists, when they receive the quotation request, know they are in competition with others, so you can get the best price and terms to complete your project.

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We would love to hear your feedback about EDUCENTS. If you have any suggestions for improvements, corrections, or any other comments, you are welcome to get in touch. For general inquiries, you can email, post, phone, or use our contact form. For specific inquiries, see our Contact page.

  • info@educents.com We are available for your questions or any kind of feedback at info@educents.com.
  • Educents.com. If you see a missing link or you have a technical comment about the website, also please contact us too.
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Taunusstraße 33-35, Burö 506 (60329) Frankfurt (Hessen) Germany

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